High Altitude Taiko at ShastaYama

Not too long ago, during the balmy days of August, we traveled to Mount Shasta to perform at the annual ShastaYama concert.  TAIKOPROJECT has been invited as a guest performer in previous ShastaYama concerts, but this was my first time visiting Mount Shasta so I was excited to take in the new surroundings.  I also learned that the many stories I've heard in the past were all true: the area is breathtaking, the mountain epic, and Maz IS the Prince of Mount Shasta.

We drove up to Mount Shasta from LA on Friday in order to make it in time for our tech rehearsal.  The next morning, some of the cast felt adventurous so we decided to take on the legendary mountain.  Mount Shasta proved to be a formidable opponent and we could not conquer her.  However, we went far enough to see some of the surviving snow on her rocky surface.  On our way back to prepare for the show, we stopped by Maz's high school to feel the power of the Prince.

Along with Shasta Taiko, we had the opportunity to perform with Unit Souzou, Tadaima, and our youth ensemble Kitsune Taiko.  It was a wonderful experience and a great show by all.  Thank you to Shasta Taiko for your hospitality and for inviting us to perform at such a great event!