Uniqlo Disney Springs Grand Opening

Time: July 14. 2016 1:20am, Place: LAX, Personnel: Maz, Courtney, Jen and Doug.  It was finally time for Operation: Uniqlo Disney Springs Grand Opening Performances.  The team gathered in the early hours in the morning to take a red eye flight to Orlando, Florida where we would perform three performances for the opening of Uniqlo in Disney Springs.  After our flight we headed straight to our hotel and enjoyed a little brunch by the pool side and we slowly became acclimated to the humid Florida summer weather.  Luckily we had the chance to get a power nap in before our performances for the VIP event that evening.  The night was complete with sake barrel breaking, early sneak peeks to the merchandise, and delicious food from Chef Morimoto’s restaurant a few buildings away.  Our dressing room happened to also be the preparation area for the caterer and they handed us trays full of food. It was AWESOME!!  

After our performance we headed back to the hotel to get some rest before the early performances the next day for the grand opening to welcome guests to the new Uniqlo.  I had a really good time performing for the guests and they seemed to enjoy the music by clapping along and taking videos. After the second performance Maz and Courtney had to head back to LA for the Weekend Intensive lead by TP so Jen and I held down the fort for the last show… that happened to get rained out. So we quickly rushed the drums back inside and kept the drums dry before they were picked up by Matsuriza. 

Matsuriza performs at Disney World’s Epcot Park and they were gracious enough to allow us to use their drums during our stay here and take us out to dinner afterwards. Thank you Matsuriza for being so hospitable and friendly during our stay, I hope to one day watch you guys perform at Epcot if I ever make my way back to Orlando! Congratulations Uniqlo on a successful opening weekend at your new Disney Springs location and thank you for inviting us to perform!