Longfellow Elementary School

On May 4th, Drowsy David and SaruMaz the Color blind drove the van down to Long Beach for a school show at Longfellow Elementary School.  There, we met up with Bearded Bryan, Leapin' Liz, and Mr. Doug.  We loaded in, changed into costume, talked about our set, and stretched.

The kids filled the school auditorium and when the clock struck 10:10 am, we started off with Expanding, a TAIKOPROJECT favorite.  Our school show is geared to be high energy while we educate the kids about taiko.  My favorite is the student participation section where we teach the kids "oroshi", a drum roll from slow to fast.  It's exciting to see the kids play taiko for the very first time.

After the performance, we loaded up and headed our separate ways.  It's a good feeling to educate the world out there about the beauty of taiko.