Carden Conejo School

Hello TP blog readers!  Thank you for following us through our busy and exciting 2016 thus far, and let me tell you there is so much more to come!  This summer on July 8th, we will be collaborating with Quetzal, the LA based Grammy Award-winning Chicano Rock band, at the Ford Amphitheater in Hollywood, Ca. We will be showcasing some of our work reimagined and perfectly blended with musical flavors from each group.  If you are interested in this concert, reserve your ticket for Concrete Saplings today by following this link Hope to see you there!

In other news, on May 20th, Maz, David, Jen, Blaine and I made our way to Carden Canejo School in Westlake Village for an ArtsTeach educational program. As we were unpacking our equipment and loading the drums into the multipurpose room, we got a little preview of what the music classes have been learning this year.  They were studying notes on the scale and determining if the note is a sharp, flat, or natural. We all had a good laugh when the kids all shouted, “It’s a B normal!” and the teacher shouted back “No, it’s a B NATURAL!”.

The kids were very attentive and they seemed to enjoy the performance, during some of the pieces I could see the students patting their laps along with the music.  The audience participation section of our program is probably the most exciting for us because we allow the students come up and try playing the taiko drums. We had two groups this time and both groups sounded like one big taiko drum playing oroshi together. It was very impressive! Thank you for having us Carden Conejo and we hope you enjoyed learning about taiko drumming!